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WinRunner vs QuickTest Pro

想了解 WinRunner 與 QuickTest 到底有什麼差別嗎?

Mercury’s position on the two tools is this:

  • The strategic direction for Mercury and its customers for Functional Testing is product integration. The new releases of QTP and WR improve already existing integration where customers can leverage complete WinRunner assets (scripts/functions) from QuickTest Pro without any modification to these assets.
  • QuickTest Pro 8 has recently been released and WinRunner version 8.0 is planned for November 2004. There are no plans to phase out WinRunner.
  • QuickTest Pro remains Mercury’s prime product for best customer satisfaction and experience. For customers who need both products, Mercury continues to offer Mercury Functional Testing as a combined package of both product offerings. The Business Process Testing system will be extended to incorporate components designed in WinRunner for the WinRunner 8.0 release in November.

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  1. 海?? 如是說:

    ??知???WinRunner 8???布了????想看看它有些什么新特色呢??

  2. oldsidney 如是說:

    看了一下MI官方論壇和QA Forums上??WinRunner8的討論,看起來連會??會出8.0都是個大??號呢??


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