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LoadRunner command line

如何在 DOS 模式下以 command line 呼叫 Controller 執行 Scenario?
binwlrun.exe -TestPath D:temptestscenario.lrs -ResultName “D:tempres” -Run

如何在 DOS 模式下以 command line 呼叫 VuGen 執行 Script?
binmmdrv.exe -usr
可以檢查 目錄下的 mdrv 開頭的 log 檔或是 output.txt 就可以知道執行的結果

如何在 DOS 模式下以 command line 呼叫 Analysis 執行 .lrr 或 lra?
binanalysisui.exe -RESULTPATH

update 2006.08.09
如何在 DOS 模式下以 command line 呼叫 Analysis 自動建立 HTML Report
1. Open an Analysis session with all the graphs that you are interested in and save this as a template. When saving this template, make sure that the option “Automatically apply this template to a new session” is checked. Also select the option “Generate the following Automatic HTML Report” and specify the location for where you want to save your reports.

2. Use the following command line:
bin>analysisui.exe -RESULTPATH D:Tempres01res01.lrr -TEMPLATENAME MyTemplate1

上面的步驟我已經測試過會自動啟動 Analysis 並開啟 res01.lrr 然後依照 MyTemplate1 範本產生 HTML Report。

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    This is a good one, and it does help for daily build. Do you have the similiar article for QTP?


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