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Software Test Automation - Effective use of test execution tools


Software Test Automation – Effective use of test execution tools


Today, test execution tools are very popular, particularly capture replay tools, but there is little discipline in the design of the test automation in many organizations. The obvious benefits of test execution tools are in automating a tedious but necessary task, that of regression testing. However, there is an assumption that all you need to know is a scripting language and how to work the test execution tool. This approach leads to ‘spaghetti tests(如同義大利麵一樣雜亂無章的測試腳本)’ that are hard to understand and difficult and expensive to maintain, thereby negating the benefits of automating testing. This book is about ‘testware design techniques’ that are parallel to the ‘software design techniques’ of 20 or more years ago.

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  1. heqingbluesky 如是說:

    The book you mentioned above is not available in mainland. I have looked through its index information from the Internet, and then found out more useful and helpful materials insides. What a pity to chinese reader!

  2. Charlie Gonq 如是說:

    Gald to see it! and now I want to study QTP, could you please give me some information about it? Or could you please provide me some useful books? Thanks!

    Glad to here you soon!

    MSN: CharlieGMQ@hotmail.com

  3. oldsidney 如是說:

    tutorial is a good material for studing QTP


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