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2004年 八月的文章彙整

LoadRunner J2EE Transaction Breakdown

2004年 八月 30日(星期一)

最近 Mercury Interactive ???? LoadRunner 發表了一項新功能??????『J2EE Transaction Breakdown??,???在大??負載下,?? J2EE 的應用程??作深入的分??,從????? Tire 的角度 ( 如 Web, EJB, JDBC, JNDI ),或從 Component 角度 ( 例如 EJB tire 的所有 EJB Component ),還是從 Method 的角度 ( 如??個 EJB 的 Method ),去分??所有 tire 所花費的時間。

???外也???以從 Transaction chain of calls 以??? Method call stack statistics 去觀察整個 call chain 所花費的時間。?????如此全???性的分??,幫助 J2EE 的開發與測試人員,找出系統瓶頸所在。

從 Mercury [...]

The Software Testing Automation Framework (IBM)

2004年 八月 10日(星期二)

by C. Rankin

Software testing is an integral, costly, and time-consuming activity in the software development life cycle. As is true for software development in general, reuse of common artifacts can provide a significant gain in productivity. In addition, because testing involves running the system being tested under a variety of configurations and circumstances, automation of [...]

QuickTest Professional 6.5 Troubleshooting

2004年 八月 5日(星期四)

既然有人問,我就提一下使用 QTP 錄製測試腳本時,遇到問題該如何處理。

Build Quick and Easy UI Test Automation Suites with Visual Studio .NET (MSDN Maganize)

2004年 八月 2日(星期一)

SUMMARY The .NET Framework provides a surprising new way to quickly and easily create user interface test automation. By using objects in the System.Reflection and System.Threading namespaces, you can write automated tests in minutes instead of hours. This article walks you through the building of a typical Windows-based application that will be used as the [...]