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2004年 六月的文章彙整

Test Automation Frameworks (Carl J. Nagle)

2004年 六月 25日(星期五)

When developing our test strategy, we must minimize the impact caused by changes in the applications we are testing, and changes in the tools we use to test them.


Totally Data-Driven Automated Testing (Keith Zambelich)

2004年 六月 24日(星期四)

The case for automating the Software Testing Process has been made repeatedly and convincingly by numerous testing professionals. Most people involved in the testing of software will agree that the automation of the testing process is not only desirable, but in fact is a necessity given the demands of the current market.


Choosing a test automation framework (IBM Rational)

2004年 六月 24日(星期四)

A test automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts, and practices that provide support for automated software testing. This article describes and demonstrates five basic frameworks.


Improving the Maintainability of Automated Test Suites (Cem Kaner)

2004年 六月 10日(星期四)

Automated black box, GUI-level regression test tools are popular in the industry. According to the popular mythology, people with little programming experience can use these tools to quickly create extensive test suites. The tools are (allegedly) easy to use. Maintenance of the test suites is (allegedly) not a problem. Therefore, the story goes, a development [...]

何謂 Keyword-Driven Testing?

2004年 六月 2日(星期三)

Mercury 新發表的 QuickTest Professional 8.0,還出現了一個新的名詞 (對我來說是新的名詞啦) – Keyword-Driven Testing。到底什麼是 Keyword-Driven Testing 呢?