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2004年 四月的文章彙整

Seven Steps to Test Automation Success (Bret Pettichord)

2004年 四月 29日(星期四)

Test automation raises our hopes yet often frustrates and disappoints us. Although automation promises to deliver us from a tough situation, implementing automated tests can create as many problems as it solves. The key is to follow the rules of software development when automating testing. This paper presents seven key steps: improve the testing process, [...]

Success with Test Automation (Bret Pettichord)

2004年 四月 28日(星期三)

This paper describes several principles for test automation. These principles were used to develop a system of automated tests for a new family of client/server applications at BMC Software. This work identifies the major concerns when staffing test automation with testers, developers or contractors. It encourages applying standard software development processes to test automation. It [...]

Taiwan.CNET.com : Mercury宣布台灣區總代理

2004年 四月 22日(星期四)

Mercury提供  2004/04/21

全球優化企業科技(Business Technology Optimization)廠商Mercury Interactive日前宣布葛莉數位國際為其台灣區獨家總代理,負責提供其它經銷商與台灣客戶所需的技術支援、產品與服務。